twilight new movie has new modern house

The Twilight vampire saga is currently filming a sequel, New Moon. If you recall the vampires in the first movie have a thing for modern houses. Fan espionage on the internet reveals that a new and different modern house may be standing in for the vampire's modern home in this second Twilight movie.


Images and a short video are posted at

Thanks to my daughter Lydia, our household's official Twilight modern house expert.

t-mobile: no commitment, except to the modern house

T-Mobile has been running a series of commercials, all set in modern homes. This one highlights their short contracts.

Lets get the gist. We want people watching our ads to think our customers are cool, and smart. We want the viewer to want to be like them? How do we make them feel that way - well first we put the customer in the ad in a cool modern house. Wow, the viewer says - I want to be cool like they are. The viewer can do one of two things. They can run out and buy a modern house (good luck, sheesh), or they can run out and buy a T-Mobile phone. Gotcha.

the cable guy strikes out at verizon's modern house

This is a shorter version of the add that's been on our watch list for a few weeks. Verizon has been using this series of ads showing the down and out cable guy as he is continuously scooped by the FIOS guy for new installations.

So what does this say about the modern house? Well its simple really. Verizon wants the customer who has ditched cable and switched to FIOS to look smart, hip, and with it - in the know about the best tv service. Whats a better way to give them a smart hip vibe than to put them in a modern house. Verizon knows - the modern house is cool, and it will make their FIOS service look cool. So, if Verizon can figure this out, why can't america's home builders?

the mid-century modernist blog covers the incredibles


The original Mod House Media Watch covered the modern design of the house in the Incredibles animated feature. Today the great Mid-Century Modernists blog covers the same, but with many more screen captures from the movie. Go see what a super job the film makers did capturing the prototypical mid-century home. This is what life would look like if the principles caught on and we were still making houses like this today.

The Incredibles at The Mid-Century Modernist blog