iron man movie uses the modern house

StarkHouseWeb.jpg Tony Stark, the genius multimillionaire industrialist in the movie Iron Man has an over the top modern house perched on a cliff side overlooking the ocean! The house is entirely a CG creation and there is not a real house, but they did build limited portions of the interior for scenes in the movie. Usually I don't go for this kind of design which I would call Rich guy modern, but this house was so over the top I just had to love it. Particularly the automation systems which practically made the house itself a sentient being! Not to mention that somewhere buried in the house was a fast prototyping manufacturing machine. Design a robot super suit, hit print, its there in the morning. StarkHouseBalconyWeb.jpg So, why does our friend Tony Stark have such a modern house? Why not a nice Georgian mansion like the Beverly Hillbillies? Rich guys like those, don't they? Here's why - because its cool. Simple as that. Now maybe America's home builders might like to sell some houses to people that might like a cool house someday. What do you think? You think they might get by making some cool product along with the rest of their boring product. No, I think we'll just make nothing but boring product.. House images from: Phil Saunders' Random Stuff Check it out for more and big high res images too.

twilight the movie leverages the modern house

The word is that the modern house will have a co-starring role in the teen vampire movie Twilight set to release later this month. Some photos of a modern house to be used as the home of a vampire family were posted on a fan forum in the spring, and other material published about the movie is already showing images of this modern house.
My daughter who is our resident Twilight expert, and who knows my passion for modern houses, brought this to my attention. I asked her if the house was described as modern in the book - she said no, but that it was supposed to be all white inside. So what's going on with this? Apparently the film makers believed that the modern house would add to the aura of the vampire characters, so they interpreted their house as an overtly modern home.
Once again it is an example of the media blatantly expressing the cultural value we've invested in the idea of a modern house. Now why can't America's builders wake up and catch on to this?
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