some things never change

1955 Lincoln ad. Nuff said.

via Roger Wilkerson

Lexus has the fever, and the only cure is more modern house

Lexus has been consistent in their use of the modern house to sell their cars. Why would they stop now when it obviously is working for them.

House from Lexus ad.

I'll never grow tired of making this point, so here it is again. When Lexus creates a context around their product in their ads they want it to make their cars look as desirable as possible. So how do they do it? Time and time again, they choose to show the owners of their cars as also owners of beautiful modern houses. Not just any kind of house, but the modern house. Because they know, and we all know, that this will immediately signify that owners of their cars have impeccable taste, and that if you purchase one of their cars it will signify that you have impeccable taste, just like the modern house owners in their ads.

Lexus knows this, you know this, I know this, we all seem to know this. But our housing industry here in the US does not seem to know this. Instead of offering the kinds of houses that we all know that we admire and ascribe to good taste, they offer an unending parade of mediocre wishy washy sort of old fashiondy historicish looking mcmansions. Sigh. Maybe some day they will wake up and start offering what we all know is the real good stuff. The modern house.

Tip of the hat to Chad for the tip. And the house has been ID'd, thank you Mike:

The Bridge House by Stanley Saitowitz