nikon banks on the modern house image

In this Nikon ad with Ashton Kutcher, they have used the modern house as the setting. Of course if you were an impossibly hip bird-brain you would have a cool modern house - I know I would.
But why did Nikon choose a modern house for the setting instead of say a McMansion? Well a McMansion would not actually shed any desirability on your product, would it?

state farm's customers live in the modern house

State Farm Insurance is running a tv ad that shows a little girl asking her dad if she can borrow the car. Turns out she is a teenager, and her father is just seeing her as a little girl - cute, but their house is most definitely modern. I'm still searching for a copy of the ad hosted somewhere that I can post. Let me know if you come across it.
Found it, enjoy:
So obviously hip smart parents that would have such great insurance would have a modern house, don't you think so? It looks like a great mid-century house. I wonder if its a real house or just a set - if anybody knows please tell all!