t-mobile family plan family lives in the modern house

Just another casual appearance of the modern house living in a very ordinary way in a tv ad.

Why not a traditional house? The subtlety of the ad would probably make it completely unnoticeable without the modern house. In this case the modern house serves to break the scene from convention, and perhaps hold your attention. I think this is how the ad leverages the modern house. Could you even see this commercial with a traditional house? Oh, what a drag, dude.

Lexus pitches container based houses

Lexus is running an campaign for their hybrid technology cars called the The Power of H. It includes several short documentary type videos which are hosted on their web site. One of these shorts focuses on the use of reclaimed shipping containers to build houses, of course they are overtly modern houses.

Its very interesting. There are more than one traditionally styled house project out there that was built with shipping containers. I can call out one in Charleston, and one in Tampa off the top of my head, I'm sure there are more. Yet Lexus choose to highlight 3 architects creating very progressive houses with this recycled building block. Why would that be? Well, wrapping up a shipping container in traditional garb so it looks like every other house would not really make much of a statement when you want to wear your environmental status on your sleeve. So modern houses that wear their containers proudly are a much better selling point for a hybrid car that does the same.

Power of H video page