meet the volkswagen's modern house

Volkswagen has been running a new series of tv ads all set in the driveway of a peculiar modern house. Aside from the talking cars being unusual the house has garage doors all the way across the front. But if you look closely behind the garage doors you'll notice that the house appears to be an iconic modern Eichler house. This is confirmed later in the spot when the car rolling down the street passes a never ending line of Eichler modern ranch houses.

So what gives? What kind of message is Volkswagen trying to send? Why not show their cars in front of ordinary McMasiony like houses since that's what most of their customers have anyway? Right? But no, instead they show their cars in front of perhaps the most iconic of modern homes, the Eichlers. Why would that be? Well, we all know that Volkswagon wants their cars to come across as smart, modern, and desirable. And so they want to place them in a setting that reinforces that. If they put them in front of an ordinary house, then their car would look, well... ordinary. So instead they put their cars in front of a house that looks cool, and that makes their cars look cool. And they rightly assume that everybody out there in TV land is going to understand that. They get the message that the car in front of the cool house is also cool. So then since we all understand that the modern house is cool, WHY CAN"T YOU GO OUT TO ANY PLACE IN THE COUNTRY WHERE HOUSES ARE BEING SOLD AND BUY A MODERN HOUSE? Because the idiots that build and sell the houses are the few people in the country that don't get it. Dopes.

A shout out to Robert McLaughlin for spotting this one.