fox's dollhouse promotes with the modern house

Dollhouse, the science fiction/drama/action program on the Fox network is uses a modern setting for its secret headquarters. I've not posted it up till now as it is not really a house per say. But the show has taken a turn towards promoting the show with the Modern House. Check out this promotional photo showing the cast posing in what appears to be Case Study House #22 designed by Pierre Koenig. Its hard to tell where the photo stops and the photoshop begins. This is obviously framed like the historic Julius Shulman photo, but I can't tell if the photoshop work has been done over the famous photo or a remarkable simulation.

Dollhouse promo - CSH #22

What can we say - Joss Whedon, the show's creator and producer, certainly knows cool. When it comes time to make the program look like something cool to watch, they turn to the Modern House, or the Modern Dollhouse.

Dollhouse ad at spoilertv