Cadillac brings the car, douche-bag brings the modern house.

In probably the most extreme example of the genre here we have Cadillac's entry into the Cool People Rock Modern House cannon. Its not enough for them however to just show their shiny car in the driveway of a beautiful modern house, no they have to have the supposed owner expound on why we Americans are so full of ourselves, and work harder than the rest of the world, and have our materialism as payback. Well, whatever, Mr. Tightpants is not making a convincing case here.

But one thing is for sure, the douche-bag is not camping out in a colonial, and he's not nesting in a McMansiony chateau. No, he has a full blown balls out killer modern house. Because Cadillac knows, when you want to make somebody look cool and successful, nothing better to park your product in front of than the modern house.

I'll take the house, throw in the car if you like, but next time spare us the pretentious lout.