audi cuts and pastes its way to the modern house


This is from Audi's German web site, but hey - we're not that picky when a company wants to leverage the modern house. And in this case Audi is shameless about it. Cut and paste that modern house right into that landscape, yep they'll all be able to tell and that's ok because we all know its all about the cool jive coming off that shiny house. And in this case the house is the Loftcube prefab, an interesting German proposal for a small relocatable dwelling. Obviously when Audi wants a backdrop to make their cars look good, they know they need to add a modern house to the landscape to prop up their product. They know it, we know it. American home builders? Hello?

Thanks to Domitype for spotting.

dr. pepper spins a party at the modern house

In this new TV spot for Dr. Pepper we see a giant house party going on in a modern house. In fact it would be almost inconceivable to imagine this commercial set in a traditional colonial for instance. The kind of partying, the culture shown would just feel incongruent with a traditional house.

So Dr. Pepper knows it - they understand that the modern house makes the scene cool. They know that their product gains image, gains desirability, by placing it in the modern house. Never said, but so widely understood. So where is the smart builder developer who is going to hitch their wagon to that image, that desire? America is already sold, and they don't even know it.

Thanks to Preston at Jetson Green for locating this great example.