New Buick, check; handsome man, check; Modern House - of course!

Not knocking it, but I think we can all agree that there is a formula here, and every car company is doing it, or they are missing the boat. If you want to sell your snazzy new car you better have a modern house to pose your handsome man in front of. But handsome men are a dime a dozen. Its the modern house that sells the car. Because we all know if you want people to think your new car is cool, you better park it in front of a modern house.

Matthew McConaughey is the guy with the cool modern house, says Lincoln

Yup, for the record, when Matthew McConaughey is not driving a Lincoln  or talking to his dogs, he's living in this cool Modern House. Because Lincoln knows its not enough to have a huge star hawking their cars, they have to prove he's cool by showing that he lives in a cool modern house. Isn't it always the case?