cullen house from twilight id'd

Previously we noted the use of the modern house in the Twilight movie. Today we strayed across more information about the actual house. It was designed by Skylab Architecture, an architecture firm from Portland Oregon, and you can see more photos of the house on their site. It is a flash site so unfortunately I can not link directly to the page, but it is identified as the Hoke Residence.


spy vibe covers modern design in the genre

I've been really enjoying web blog Spy Vibe and thought I would share it with you. They cover the world of design as presented in the Spy movie genre, and often have fantastic coverage of past movies and the period design captured in their set design. So if you love mid-century and pop modern interiors, especially the stuff of super villians and hip undercover men then you will really enjoy this site.

The top image is from the Captain Scarlet marionette program - which often had fantastic modern design. Below the swinging playboy penthouse of Our Man Flint features coconut chairs and a Jackson Pollack on the wall.

Pop sensibilites reign in The 10th Victim below. You should at least come out of the site with a great NetFlix list!

Spy Vibe blog