watchman movie goes mid-century mod

The Watchman movie clips seem to be all over the internet these days. The clips show us that there will be a little bit of mid-century modern ranch action in this super-hero thriller. If I was a caped crusader no doubt I'd want a cool modern house for my secret identity to live in.

modern house is in t-mobile's fav 5

T-Mobile has really let roll a series of commercials set in modern homes. Check out this one, set in the living room of a mid-century modern house, fit with what looks like a Noguchi table and a Florence Knoll Sofa. What is the message here? Why does T-Mobile always choose a modern house for the setting for their commercials? Could it be that their phone service looks cooler if the T-Mobile customers in their ads live in a modern house? Huh. So T-Mobile knows that the modern house makes their product more desirable. Seems like a lot of businesses realize that. Except maybe the housing industry?

family in california wants mr. incredible's house

In an article appearing in the LA Times about a renovated ranch home the owners describe the house they were seaking as a Mr. Incredible House, referring to the modern ranch house that was the home of the characters in the animated movie The Incredibles. Interesting. Since america's home builders can't seem to get it together to offer such a cool looking home the owners had to hire designers and create their own. We had covered the design of the Incredibles House in the original Mod House Media Watch, so we'll repost one of the images here. A Mr. Incredibe House at the LA Times