Audi says progress is beautiful & the modern house = progress

audi1.png During the opening ceremony for the 08 Summer Olympics Audi ran a new commercial. It starts with a scene of a traditional living room, well appointed, affluent. The camera starts panning around the room, and as it moves the scene starts transforming to modern. The objects on the shelves, the furniture, the wall surfaces and floors all transform, the plaster fades away, then the studs and the solid wall transforms to a glass wall with a view to the garden, and a Mercedes sitting in the driveway, which blinks away to an Audi! Very well done, obviously with computer animation. audi2.png Clearly Audi is trying to make a statement about their product representing progress, and replacing the product of one of their prime rivals. And clearly they believe that the modern house contributes to the progressive spirit they wish to imbue their product with. When they want to paint their cars as desirable they apply a healthy coat of modern house. Makes you wonder why America's big home builders are missing this message. audi3.png For now you can also see the new spot on Audi's home page in a higher resolution flash movie.

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