t-mobile seduces us again with the modern house

T-Mobile has been unleashing a new series of commercials since they have brought back their former spokeswoman Catherine Zeta-Jones. In the latest of this series of commercials we see Jones in the kitchen of a beautiful modern home.

So what gives. Seems that T-Mobile bailed out of the traditional settings shown in the earlier spots in this campaign. In the earlier spots the traditional home owners were portrayed as sort of foolish and awkward in the presence of the T-Mobile spokeswomen. In this ad the owners are away, but their son is home and keeps his cool long enough to put his best moves on Jones, to no avail. Well at least we know the residents of the cool modern house are much smoother operators than those flustery traditional home owners. Yup, we want to be like them, and sure Catherine, what other mobile service would somebody as cool as us use.


Extra points for anybody who can ID that house. Cool stair. Nice handrail. Miesian column made of steel angles. Concrete slab floor. Plenty of visual clues if you've seen it before. Let us know in the comments.


  1. It looks like Edina's house in Ab Fab.

  2. Ooooo. Not quite but thats the best guess I've seen. In the AB FAB house the sitting area and kitchen are in the basement actually, and the stair is in the sitting area. Here in the commercial the stair is in the kitchen area. Its a very cool house though even if its just a set for the show.

    AB Fab House

  3. Not Ab Fab, and very real. It's the Schwartz residence by Battersby Howat.