more vampire fever on the approach of new moon

New Moon, the next installment of the Twilight vampire movies is due out a matter of days. As the fever pitches more information about the home used in the movie as the residence of the Cullens is breaking on the internet. Apparently the home is now up for sale, and hi res photos of the house can be seen on the realtor's web site.

Cullen house, New Moon movie

Cullen house, New Moon movie

Well once again the modern house is leveraged to signify that the characters who live there in the movie are cool. Yet our home builders can't seem to get that message. Truth remains stranger than fiction.

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  1. After seeing the movie I noticed that although this house was used for the interior scenes at the Cullen House, they did use an exterior shot from the house used in the prior movie at one point.

    Now that this house is on the market the question is what will they use for the upcoming movies which I am told should include more scenes in the Cullen House.