lexus holiday campaign casts the modern house

Every year Lexus makes a holiday pitch to give its vehicles as Christmas gifts. As improbable as that seems for most of us, never the less they have something to say about who might be able to so casually gift an expensive automobile.

And surprise - our generous gift giver is a family with a modern house. And why not. Lexus wants us to envy these folks, they want us to want to be like them - buying a new Lexus by Christmas time. And who do they think will make us feel that way? The guy with the modern house, of course. They know the modern house will make their product look more desirable. Yet the US housing industry doesn't get this, do they? What's with that?


  1. I could not agree more. I am so annoyed that every damn ad I see has a modern or mid century modern home as a backdrop, yet I have been looking for one to live in for three years with no success. AND I LIVE IN BLOOMFIELD, MICHIGAN. For cripes sakes, Yamasaki lived here among dozens of huge industril designers and modern architects, yet of the hundreds of homes on the market between 200- and $400k, only a one or two pop up every six months and they are usually turds or overpriced. I will not give up. Great blog.

  2. Where is this house in the "chimney" commercial located? Do you know the architect?

  3. I don't know the answer to either - but I'd love to find out and add the info to the article. Would you help me track it down? I'm guessing its Colorado or Utah from the mountains, but thats not really much to go on.

  4. Just saw this commercial, and would love to know something about this house, too.

    I'd just add that it's very easy to change the background on something like this, so don't go by those fir trees and mountains when trying to place the location--it could just as easily be a flat area surrounded by deciduous trees.

    Ron H