corning looks to the future, sees modern house

In this promotional video by Corning about the role glass will play in our future, the modern home plays a prominent role. But sure you might say, its a video about the future - of course it has a modern home. No, the house in the video is clearly a mid-century modern style home, likely somewhere in California and chosen to be the domestic setting for the video.

So even when making a speculative video about the future, Corning looks to our present to define the modern house. It makes sense though. We could hardly imagine all of these futuristic high tech tools and accessories integrated into a traditional home. It would be a complete contradiction. No, in their eyes the modern house is the inevitable future. But not here in the real world. Builders and developers haven't figured this out yet. Even when its all around them and in their face in popular media. They still remain blindly focused on traditional homes. Perhaps time moves backwards for them and the future never arrives. So long builders, its been nice knowing you...

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