the modern house is no stretch for Nissan

In Nissan's new commercial for their Maxima sedan, the happy couple expecting a baby live in, what else - the modern house. Because, what other kind of house would this hip, yet successful young couple live in? A colonial? Nope. A giant McMansion? Uh uh.

Nothing but the modern house will do when Nissan wants you to understand that their product is owned by cool people. And a sure fire way to make yourself cool is to own their product too. So when Nissan sets out to make sure the owners of their car in the commercial look cool, well they have to be sure to put them in the perfect modern house. Not too big, not too fancy, but 100% modern. The message comes through loud and clear to us. How about the housing industry? Hello? Anybody home?


  1. The exterior at least is the same house as the current 2015 season of audi house (

  2. Found it.

    Bass House - Case Study House #20, 1958
    Buff, Straub, and Hensman
    2275 N Santa Rosa Avenue

  3. YEs - good eyes, that is definitely the same house in the Audi commercial, sandwhiched by two traditional house scenes.

  4. There is a good photo of the driveway area seen in both commercials here: