t-mobile: no commitment, except to the modern house

T-Mobile has been running a series of commercials, all set in modern homes. This one highlights their short contracts.

Lets get the gist. We want people watching our ads to think our customers are cool, and smart. We want the viewer to want to be like them? How do we make them feel that way - well first we put the customer in the ad in a cool modern house. Wow, the viewer says - I want to be cool like they are. The viewer can do one of two things. They can run out and buy a modern house (good luck, sheesh), or they can run out and buy a T-Mobile phone. Gotcha.


  1. I really want to know what house this commercial is at. My grandmother owned the Neutra House in Stamford, CT for about 30 years, and this looks extremely close to it - though I know many of these homes had similar sitting areas.

  2. That's a good question LJ. Its not easy to find out, but you can usually hunt down the answer. You have to find out what ad agency has the T-Mobile account. Are they west coast or east coast? Where is T-Mobiles US headquarters? If these things are looking like east coast then they may have shot the piece in a location in CT. From there you can try to reach the Agency and the account exec.

    If you find out please let us know!